Big Update on Wednesday

Sora Ralls and I are planning on celebrating P-Day on Wednesday cause we had too many people who wanted to meet today (which is the BEST kind of problem to have), so my update is short and just basically to let you know that I’m not dead!

Sora Ralls is absolutely wonderful and I love her so much already. She is so spunky and energetic and loves having dance parties when she is stressed out. Also, we have 4 elders here in Brasov now and the new elder fresh out of the MTC IS FROM VISTA!!!!!!!!!!!! We were all getting lunch the first day and we were like, “Okay Elder Hauk, where are you from?” And he says, “I don’t know if you’ve heard of it…Vista, California.” Found out he went to RBV and is from the 10th ward. HOW CRAZY IS THAT???! So we have already bonded about lots of stuff, it’s great.
I’ll write my big normal update on Wednesday. I also forgot my card reader so no pictures today, so Wednesday will be full of lots of fun!!

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