All good things must come to an end


The big news this week was sending off Elder Heyrend and finding out that Sora Ruiz and I will be split up! She will be headed off to Constanța to be with Sora Uhl, her companion from the MTC which will be SO fun for her. Sora Johnson will be coming to take her place and I am so excited! She is going into her 4th transfer and up until now she has served with Sora Drotar and Sora Merkley haha…so we already have a lot in common. She is from Canada — I keep getting all the international sisters in a row it seems haha. I am sure she is probably a little apprehensive about coming to Alexandria since she has been in Buc for the past two transfers — from the biggest city to the smallest — but luckily we have some people to teach and the weather is just beautiful. What more could you want?! We also found out that Elder Brundage will be coming to fill the vacancy Elder Heyrend has left. I have talked to him a little bit before and he seems really chill and funny, so this is looking to be a great transfer!

Church this Sunday was amazing — we had SEVENTEEN people in attendance! Considering that there are six active members and four missionaries, that is amazing! We had one of the members of the district presidency and his wife visiting and we also had five investigators come. Mihai, whom the elders have been teaching, has been coming regularly and I think he really has a ton of potential. Also, Simona, an adorable 11-year-old that comes to English classes, came with her grandma, Florica, and her sister, Anca. They stayed for both hours and said they really enjoyed it. We want to start teaching her outside of English classes — she is so cute and has such a light about her. There were a couple other random people who joined us, one being the mother of one of the members, Costinel. I could feel the Spirit so strongly during the meeting and Sunday school. At the end, we all went out in the sunshine and took pictures since it was Sora Ruiz’s and Elder Heyrend’s last Sunday — I cannot believe my time with Sora Ruiz is almost over! As missionaries, we have planners that we get every transfer where we write in our lessons and our plans for the day and it is a “thing” to decorate the covers of your planner or have someone else decorate your planner for you. This week, Sora Ruiz and I decorated each other’s planners for next transfer and they are both so cute! It will be nice to have a reminder of her all during next transfer 🙂
I am excited to be here in Alexandria for another transfer. It is weird to think that after this transfer, I will have been in Alexandria and Brașov for the same amount of time. Brașov still feels like my Romanian home to me — thinking of it gives me that same feeling of comfort I have when I think of California or New Hampshire. But with every day, Alexandria feels more and more like home. Especially since we probably won’t be moving any more. It is also crazy the milestones I will be hitting this transfer: on June 4 is my halfway mark and then a day later I turn 23! A good two days in a row. I will be sure to make lots of cake to celebrate both. 
Not much else has happened since I emailed you last on Thursday. Today for P-Day, we went shopping! I bought a couple shirts which I am so excited about…turns out wearing the same 10 shirts for 8 and a half months makes you pretty tired of the shirts. We also hung out with Gina at the church and made some Romanian food — ciorba de perișoare (soup with meatballs) and chiftele (just meatballs…since we had too much meat haha). We sisters are alone here today because the elders left yesterday so Elder Heyrend could do all of the logistical stuff he needs to do. So it has been pretty quiet but still plenty fun 🙂
I am excited to start a new transfer here in Alexandria with a new district. I will miss Sora Ruiz so much, but I luckily still have lots of time left with her here in Romania (one of the benefits of training while you are young in the mission). I am looking forward to seeing the work move ahead here. I love you all and miss you so much. I hope you are doing well and that your week is just the BEST! Know that I think about you all the time and pray that things go well for you. I love you always!
Cu drag,
Sora Amy

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