Another transfer begins…

This week has been wonderful! Sora Ruiz and I had our last couple of days together before transfers on Wednesday and we spent them visiting lots of the people we have grown close to here in Alexandria, like Gina and her family, Marilena, and Mama Gabi (the elders’ old proprietar that just LOVES missionaries). We got her all packed up and then instead of taking a maxi-taxi down to Buc, President Hill’s friends, the Vials, drove down, picked us up, and took us up to Buc. They were very friendly and fun to talk to — they have 13 kids total, 6 biological and 7 adopted from the Philippines! They were so kind to have driven us and they are spending a total of 3 weeks in Romania. They dropped us off at the office and we talked to all the missionaries there – the place was PACKED! All 9 of the sisters in Sora Ruiz’s MTC group were there and I got to see Sora Ralls and lots of other missionaries!

Sora Ralls, Sora Caruso (a sister serving in Iași right now that goes home after this transfer), Sora Ruiz and I all went to the mall across the street from the office and got lunch. And who should be there but the office elders with all the new elders and sisters fresh from the MTC! Weirdly enough, they were already told who their trainers are (normally you don’t know until minutes before you leave for the gara) so Sora Ralls was able to meet her new daughter, Sora Honey! It was fun to get to talk to them and spend a little time with them. After they left and we finished eating, we went shopping for a little bit which is always welcome after some time in Alexandria. We went back to the office, talked some more to people there, and then made our way to the gara to catch our respective maxi-taxis home. But lo and behold, as always happens, we ended up leaving way later than expected. Because everyone is all spread out over Buc, eating lunch at different places, buying stuff, hanging out at the office, and making sure they get to see everyone they need to see, it is hard to get your whole district together to leave. And to top it off, it was a cold day with random torrential downpours — thanks Buc! The extra time at the gara gave me a chance to talk to lots of missionaries and get to know some of the ones I have never met before (I met an Elder Anderson from Temecula!) We finally gathered ourselves together and left for the maxi-taxi! On the maxi-taxi, we met Marius, a member from Alexandria who has been living in England for the past year or so. He was so excited to see Elder Pischke again and is only here for about two weeks visiting his family before heading back. We actually are meeting a referral that he gave us later this week…amazing how he is so actively involved in missionary work not even being here a week!
These past couple days have been GREAT! Sora Johnson and I get along super duper well already. We have trouble going to sleep on time because we just have so much to talk about haha. She also introduced me to the wonderful delicacy of bacon popcorn…can’t believe I hadn’t tried it until now! She is from Alberta, Canada and she reminds me a lot of Sora Merkley so it is really fun to serve together. We have been doing a lot of English contacting and working with Diana and her other friends that are going to be taking the First Certificate for English test this Saturday. They are all getting pretty nervous and wanting to meet every day, which we gladly do. They are SO cute! One of them, Oana, went and got covrigi with us after our lesson one day. She asked what we would be doing and we mentioned that we would just be walking around, passing out cards for our free English classes. We gave her part of our stack and she went around passing them out too! She is so cute and so enthusiastic, I love it! We haven’t had much else going on missionary work-wise this week but we are always hoping to turn potentials into investigators!
​Our new district!
A funny thing happened this week at sacrament meeting. Usually the members are in charge of bringing the bread for the sacrament, but they forgot. President Matei ran out to his car, grabbed something, and set it on the tray. Then, as Elder Brundage is breaking the bread during the sacrament hymn, his eyes widen and he seems to freak out a little bit. I didn’t know what was happening since I was playing the piano, but he realized that it was a pastry stuffed with chocolate that the branch president had given him. It wasn’t until I took a piece of the bread and realized it was really sweet that I noticed anything to be amiss haha, We all had a good laugh about that later. We also went out to Gheorghe’s house in the countryside for a meal and a lesson (we had gone out there for Easter). The food was just as good and they had the MOST ADORABLE kitten!! We named him Jeffrey haha. 
​Me and Jeffrey!
I miss you all the time and love you even more! I hope you all have a great week. The work is hard, but Alexandria is feeling more and more like home every day so the days pass by.
Love always,
Sora Amy

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