Til Death Do Us Party

Hello hello from another sunny HOT week here in Alexandria! We have had a great week full of LESSONS! What?! Our English girls had their test this past Saturday so they were freaking out and wanting to meet with us close to every day. Each day, another new girl would come and we ended up teaching five of them on the day before the test. They are all so funny and we actually get to learn a lot of Romanian from them as well. They are very respectful in listening to the religion part of the lesson and I think some of them really have potential to become full-on investigators. If nothing else, we have some cute Romanian friends who are so sweet and have a positive image of the Church! 


​Bianca, Oana, Alexandra, me, Diana, Alexa, and Sora Johnson

We also had the chance to meet with Dana, a referral from Marius. She was his old boss when he lived here in Alexandria and she is just so sincerely interested in finding the truth. Her mother is Jehovah’s Witness and she explained how she does NOT like the Orthodox religion. She talked about the difference between being “religious” where you just go through the actions of going to church and being “faithful” where you do the things that really matter, like reading the scriptures and praying. She is so hungry for knowledge — it is amazing! We met with her one morning and gave her a Plan of Salvation pamphlet after talking about resurrection and judgement. She wanted to meet that evening and had come having already read the pamphlet and some of the suggested verses we gave her from the Book of Mormon. We haven’t been able to meet with her since, but we are excited to continue working with her.

This week we went down to Buc for our zone training meeting. We had a funny moment when we were walking to the maxi-taxi station in the morning. This woman was crossing the street at the same time as us and she just turns to us and goes, “You two are so beautiful! Where are you headed to?” We talked to her about how we are missionaries and she was just the sweetest. We commended ourselves on doing “looking good” contacting haha. At the conference itself, it was great to get to see other missionaries and to meet some for the first time. I volunteered to be part of a presentation about the importance of setting expectations for our meetings with investigators. I was blindfolded and guided to a Milka Oreo bar by the crowd which turned out to be pretty difficult. Then a second sister was brought in un-blindfolded and it took her about 1 second to get to the Milka bar. The best part of the presentation was that I got to keep the candy! 


​Waiting on the maxi-taxi at 7 am…the elders thought we were going to be late for the 7:30 ride and they called to make sure we were awake…when they ended up having to run and catch the maxi-taxi themselves haha

Sora Johnson and I have been getting along so well and this P-Day we went and got pedicures! The funniest part was when the lady is getting rid of all the dead skin and Sora Johnson just turns to me and goes, “I can’t even feel what she’s doing.” Haha the poor woman — I would NOT want to touch the feet of a missionary, someone who is up on their feet all day every day, walking or standing. But we feel SO much better now because of it. We have also started doing “Ab Ripper X”…and as someone who has NEVER worked out her abs before, I have been in much pain these past few days. But I like to think that working out begins to counteract the unhealthy food I normally eat haha. We also run most nights and I am up to 3 miles without stopping, usually around an 8.5 minute mile! Look at me, getting fit!


​Never has a pedicure felt this good

We have been doing a LOT of English contacting and our classes start tomorrow — we are hoping to get 20 students this time around! In the process of our English contacting, we have talked to a couple of really great people and families that hopefully come to English classes so we can keep in contact with them! 

I feel like I am starting to hit my stride here in Alexandria. I didn’t even realize it until I was talking to Sora Johnson and she was talking about how CRAZY every day is here in Alexandria but it just feels normal to me now haha. I worry that I will get bored in my next area, wherever that will be! But I am just enjoying my time here and living it up! I love you all and think of you all the time. I miss you but I know that I am where I am supposed to be. Thank you for all of your support — I feel so loved all the time.

Love you always,
Sora Amy

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