Alexandria is Bumpin!


Out contacting together 🙂

This week has been so fun and so productive! We started our English classes on Tuesday and we had 21 people show up and then 28 people showed up on Saturday! Sora Johnson and I had set a goal of 20 people so we were pretty excited that we even exceeded that. The funniest moment happened in our class on the first day. We split everyone up into pairs to ask each other basic get-to-know-you questions in English and Sora and I went around supervising. Sora was talking to a couple of quieter girls and asked one of them, Ramona, if she had any pets. She just looks back blankly so Sora Johnson repeated the question in Romanian and Ramona slowly starts nodding her head, still not saying anything. Sora starts guessing animals until finally the girl reaches into her backpack and pulls out a box. Inside is a tiny little turtle and she just says, “His name is Hector.” We could NOT stop laughing once that happened hahaha. We love our English class! On Saturday, one of the women in our class raised her hand as we were doing some pair activity and so I go over thinking she has an English question. But when I sit down, she goes, “I hope this isn’t against the rules or anything, but can I ask you some questions about your religion? I am so interested in hearing about what you believe!” Um, OF COURSE you can ask me those sorts of questions! She wasn’t able to stay for the spiritual thought, but we are hoping to meet up with her one-on-one to talk more about her interest in our church.

We also had the sister training leaders come down on Tuesday night to do an exchange on Wednesday. I worked with Sora Case and Sora Johnson went with Sora Wright. I realized how similar Sora Case and I are, mostly in that we similarly worry about if we have ever worked hard enough. We worked a lot on boldly exercising our authority and power as missionaries in our contacting and our teaching. We did a crazy amount of contacting and in total, we got 9 potential investigators that day between our contacting and the contacting of the other sisters. Sora Case and I also had a lesson with Diana who brought along her friend Roxana. At the end of the lesson, we asked them if they would consider being baptized if they felt these things were true. It was kind of disappointing to hear Diana say that she wouldn’t because her boyfriend is Orthodox and it is easier to stay that way. But it was cool that Roxana said she would get baptized if she felt like what we taught was true. So we are excited to keep teaching her.


​Sora Wright, me, Sora Case, and Sora Johnson

Sora Case and I had a cool experience while we were contacting. We were at a woman’s door, talking with her when who should pull up in his car next to us…none other than the mean Orthodox priest. He started yelling at us, telling us to leave because we were contacting in his parish, among his people. Sora Case was getting really annoyed and you could tell that the woman we were talking to was getting pretty annoyed as well. We said goodbye to the woman and started walking away so that he would leave us alone and drive away, which he thankfully did. We turned around to go to a different street to contact in case if he drove by again and we passed the woman’s door again. She was still there and furtively looks from side to side to see if the priest is around and then invites us in hahaha. We ended up having a lesson with her and then Sora Johnson and I went back to have another lesson with her yesterday. Her name is Luminița (translates to “little light”) and she is so great! She is not Orthodox (hence her getting annoyed at the Orthodox priest) but is some other “pocait” church. She has the CUTEST little puppy — I’ll try to get a picture the next time we go over! But she is very honestly trying to find the truth. The hardest part of teaching her is that she can’t read which means we will have to go slower with her and read together with her from the Book of Mormon, but we truly are here to administer to the one just as Christ would.

We also met with Ana, a cousin of one of the members here. She is 15 and we teach her 30/30s as well. She is SUCH a 15-year-old in the way she talks about boys and how she doesn’t feel pretty (even though she is gorgeous). It was almost painful to remember how high school was…we tried to let her know that it all gets better, but who knows if she really took the advice haha. But she has had a really interesting life that I think could really benefit from knowing more about the Gospel. We are really looking forward to talking with her a lot and getting to know her better.

Sora Johnson and I have been just having a great week and having lots of fun in the process! I miss you all and hope you have been having good weeks as well. I miss you tons and love you even more. I am so grateful for all the happiness and joy I have had here while serving and I can only hope you are feeling the same amount of joy over there! I love you always.

Cu drag,
Sora Amy


​Sisters wearing normal clothes and elders without ties? Must be P-Day

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