Birthday, 9 Months, and Zone Conference

So much to update on and not that much time! As you could see from the pictures from Monday, I had a great birthday! But the day before that was my 9 month mark — I can’t believe I am half way done already! Weird how time flies out here on the mission. Each transfer goes by faster and faster…Sora Johnson and I only have two weeks left together in this transfer…and it feels like it just started!

For my birthday, we had district meeting where the elders presented me with my 23 chocolate bars and Sora Johnson gave me Harry Potter 3 in Romanian! My district knows me so well: chocolate and Harry Potter. Afterward, we went to lunch at Rovi’s, one of the few restaurants in town. We came back to the church where the English girls surprised me with a cute cake and we stayed and talked with them a little. In the evening, in place of our workout time, we went with the elders and set off paper lanterns, just like in the movie Tangled! The sad part was that the lantern I set off starts plummeting downward immediately haha. But luckily, it hit a little sand bar in the middle of the stream (we were setting them off of a bridge) and bounced back up and flying all the way away! I found it to be a metaphor for my mission and probably my life in general: just when you think I’m down for the count and I’m gonna go plummeting off into the stream, I bounce off the little sandbar and exceed everyone’s expectations.
This week we met with a really amazing lady, Marga. She was a referral from the elders who found her while just knocking down a street. She had met with sister missionaries before about 5-6 years ago when she lived in Spain so she gladly welcomed us in and we have already had two great lessons with her. She is so worried for her family and how to make sure that they are happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. She is very open and I hope she will continue to progress.
Yesterday we had zone conference! I got to see Sora Merkley, Sora Ralls, Sora Ruiz and so many others! We also got to hear Elder Pischke’s dying testimony as well as a farewell from the Hills since they will be leaving in just a couple weeks now. It is so crazy that the new president is coming so soon! It was really beautiful — President Hill left us all with a blessing that was very inspiring and touching.I absolutely loved it.
We don’t have much more time here at the internet cafe in Buc — sorry that this was so short!

But know that I love you so much and I definitely felt the birthday love from you all the way over here. I miss you and I can’t believe I’m on the downhill now! I think of you daily and love you so much!

Cu drag,
Sora Amy

​Dad, daughter, and mom — all together for probably the last time!


​Ivy League picture — Elder Rose who goes to Harvard, President Hill who went to Cornell, and myself representing the Big Green


​Sora Johnson and I today in Old Buc​

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