Tip of the Day?

(Ed. Note: This should have been posted on Monday, sorry!)
I don’t have much to say about this week since I just last talked to you on Thursday, but I’ll see what I can come up with!

We have had some great lessons recently, especially with Marga, the referral the elders gave to us last week. We visited her twice this past week and she said she read the Book of Mormon with her son! She is very hesitant about the idea of coming to church, but probably if next week is my last week here in Alexandria we could try to guilt her into coming. Haha it is a tactic that works surprisingly well. She fed us last time we went over with some really good chicken and her whole family was there. I loved getting the chance to talk with them and build more connections with Marga. Sadly, she leaves for Italy for the summer on July 6. But hopefully we will be able to send along her information to the mission office there in Italy and she can meet with missionaries there.

We also had a chance to FINALLY meet with Dana again! It was so exciting since she has bailed on our lessons three times in a row. We were kind of resigned to the idea that she had bailed again when the clock struck 10:10 — Sora Johnson started writing in her journal and I went to go print out a talk off the computer. But then I hear Sora Johnson yell my name…Dana had arrived! We had a great lesson about the Restoration. She kept talking about how she just REALLY wants to know the truth. We promised her that if she prayed, she could receive an answer as to what the truth is directly from God. I hope she takes us up on that offer and that she asks in sincere prayer about the things we teach her. She is such a diligent seeker of truth that I can’t imagine it being withheld from her at all.


​Me and dogs! One of them being the cutest little puppy ever!

Sora Johnson and I have been trying to reconcile the fact that we find out transfers THIS WEEK! I can’t believe this transfer is already pretty much over. Like WHAT?! It feels like it just began! But I am excited for transfer boards this time because I will likely be leaving Alexandria. I have no idea where I will be going, if I will be training or not, and all other sorts of variables. I know that everything will go well and according to the Lord’s will, but I am just so anxious to find out what that is! It will be sad to leave Alexandria and Sora Johnson — I’m so used to both and I’ll be sad to leave such a great companion and great city. But that is the life of a missionary I suppose.

Things are going well. I am so happy to be here and I am loving it. I miss you all so much and love you lots. I think of you daily and hope that all is going well for you! I’ll let you know next week where I am off to! I love getting your updates and reading all about your weeks — it helps me feel your love all the way across the ocean and the continents!

Cu drag,

Sora Amy


One thought on “Tip of the Day?

  1. Linda Bray

    Paul, you have a done a GREAT job keeping her blog updated. Amy was right to put it in your capable hands!! Thanks for all the work you have done (and will do for the next 9 months).


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