What a crazy week! I guess I’ll get the big news out of the way and let you know what happened with transfers. Sora Johnson and I got to the church early on Saturday morning, not expecting the transfer board to have been emailed out yet…but it was! We found out that Sora Johnson will be staying in Alexandria and working with Sora Gee, a sister from her MTC group. They get along super well and it will be fun for them to have a little reunion! I couldn’t find myself on the transfer board for the longest time, but finally I found myself serving in Oradea as a sister training leader (STL) with Sora Merrill! I am so so so excited for my next transfer! Sora Merrill was also trained by Sora Drotar in Brașov, right before I got there! As an STL, I will get to travel around to Arad, Cluj, Sibiu, and Timișoara to conduct exchanges with the sisters there. I am so excited because those are literally all of the prettiest cities and I have lots of friends serving out there that I don’t get to see too often! Oradea is really close to the Hungarian border…from what I hear, a LOT of the people speak Hungarian so maybe I will pick some up. Elder Lake will be my district leader and he will also be training so we will have to wait to meet the fourth member of our district. I’ve heard that Elder Lake is amazing with the language and a really good missionary so I’m excited to get to work around him.

We had our last English classes this past Saturday and one of the students, Iza, brought us a cake! The best part was the icing that said “THANK YOU! AMERICA” Of course we took a picture with it, naturally. Sora Johnson was slightly offended that there was no mention of Canada, but what can you do? We also had a chance to have breakfast at Gheorghe’s house in Alexandria (the nice man who lives in the countryside and always gives us four-course meals) with him and his wife, Ileana. They are such a funny couple and always so kind and giving to us. Afterward, Sora Johnson and I walked Ileana to her optometrist office. She was late for work and everyone was asking where she had been and she simply explained, “I was with my Canadian and American friends!” And that seemed to be reason enough cause nobody else questioned her after that haha.
The other big news of this week was our exchange to Bacău! Sora Johnson is best friends with Sora Stapley who is leaving to go home in a couple days now. They never had the chance to serve together even though they were promised many times that it would happen. Randomly in the middle of this transfer, Sora Stapley called us and informed us that Sora Hill had just called her and said she realized they would never have the chance to serve together and thought we should go on an exchange over to Bacău. So this past Wednesday, we headed over to Buc and took a 5 hour train eastward to the lovely Bacău. Sora Johnson worked with Sora Stapley for the day and I worked with Sora Anderson, a missionary in her first transfer. She is super awesome and excited to share the Gospel with everyone. I loved seeing that fire in her. Also, the elders made us lunch that day — Costa Vida pork with rice and beans. SO GOOD! The closest to real Mexican food I’ve gotten here in Romania! We also helped them with their branch FHE and Institute. It was fun to see how another branch works and functions and to meet the members there.
We took our 5 hour train the next morning out and while we were walking around Buc, I managed to slip and fall and skin my knees pretty bad haha. Nothing is really hurt except my pride, but it does look pretty nasty. Part of me was hoping I would be training next transfer and I would meet my new missionary with bloody gross knees and scare her out of her wits wondering what she had gotten herself into. Another exciting thing I forgot to mention about transfers…Sora Ruiz is going to be training! Which means I am already a grandma!! She is going into her fourth transfer so she is in the same spot that I was when I trained her. I know she is going to do SUCH a good job — I’m such a proud mom!
This Sunday was hard because it was my last Sunday here in Alexandria. I bore my testimony and let them know that of course I’ll be coming back at the end of my mission so they don’t need to say goodbye for too long, just for a couple more months. We also had to say goodbye to Elder Pischke who left yesterday for București. He will be there doing all the final things (last interview with President, etc.) and then his dad is coming in on Tuesday night and they will be going around the country visiting all the sites and places Elder Pischke served. What is cool is that the elders’ investigator Mihai is getting baptized this Saturday and Elder Pischke will be able to come back and see it! What a great way to end your time in Romania! It was hard to say bye to him since we had served three transfers together and that’s the most I’ve ever served around an elder, but I’m sure we’ll keep in touch.
I am so excited to see what next transfer brings for me! I am so sad to leave Alexandria — I feel like it is MY city, I built it up from nothing and tried to make it into something. But I know Sora Johnson will take good care of it for me 🙂 I’m sad that she and I are getting split up so soon. We have had such a fun transfer and it’s crazy that we only had 6 short weeks. But I am excited for her and for myself and all that we will accomplish next transfer!
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your love and support. Know that I care so much about you, worry about you all the time, and miss you lots.
Lots of love,
Sora Amy
On the maxi-taxi to Buc.
​Sora Anderson and me in Bacău!
​Our English class: Mihaela, Cristina, me, Denisa, and Gina 🙂

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