Didn’t see that one coming…

Well, this week got a whole lot crazier than I thought due to transfer boards…

So we weren’t thinking that anything was going to happen to me and Sora Merrill for transfers, if anything we were just excited to see what might happen to Elder Lake. So we get to the Internet place on Saturday morning, waiting for the email to get sent out and when it does, I look up at the Oradea box and my name isn’t there! Of course then I frantically scan the board and find my name in CHISINAU! (KEE-shee-noh…not like how we Americans say it at all.) Yep, I am going to Moldova! I will still be an STL and I’ll be with Sora Uhl, Sora Ruiz’s MTC companion. She seems super great from the few times I have talked to her so I am pretty excited! It will be an adventure for sure — all the church services are fully in Russian. Just when I was really getting the hang of Romanian…We also found out that Elder Lake will be a zone leader in Buc and Sora Merrill will be TRAINING while being an STL at the same time…we are not exactly sure how that is going to work, but if anyone can do it, it’s her!
While I am so excited for the new adventure this will be, I am so so sad to be leaving Oradea. I really feel like I was just starting to connect well with the members and our investigators. One of our English 30-30 students, Florica, made us all pancakes and so we had a little party at the end of our last English class. She reminds me a lot of Mom…I’m pretty sure she would be my mom if I was born in Romania. Sora Merrill and I had made cheesecake the night before for our class, so we just had a grand ol’ party! On Sunday, I had to break the news to the members that I would be leaving. One of them, Sora Filip, even started to cry when she heard 😦 I just wish I had more time here. This is one of the strongest branches I have seen here in Romania and I love the people so much. I feel like everywhere I go, I bond with the branch more (probably because I keep learning Romanian better), so I can imagine saying goodbye will only keep getting harder.

​With the Relief Society ladies — Sora Stoian, Sora Costea, Sora Filip, Sora Balogh, Sora Fodor, myself, Veronica and Sora Biro and Anda in front!

Otherwise, this week has been nice because we have been here in Oradea for the WHOLE week — the only one this transfer! It has been nice to have time to go contacting, to meet with our investigators, and to meet with members (although most of them spent all week at the temple in Freiburg). We met with some new investigators. One was Ana, a woman we met bloc-knocking. We had left her with a copy of the Book of Mormon and when we came back, she delightedly told us that she has read and already loves it! She has a grandson with autism and her husband is paralyzed from the legs down. She has dealt with health problems herself, but she is so thankful and grateful for God for the life she has. She is such an example to me of being grateful IN our circumstances. We also had the chance to meet with Magdalena, an English 30-30 student. She ended up coming to church on Sundaywhich was really awesome! She loved Sunday school where we talked about Proverbs and I hope she will keep coming. It’s so hard to leave people in the middle of their progress…I feel like there is so much left for me to do here in Oradea. But I know that I am going to Chisinau for a reason and the people there need me.
Sora Merrill and I will be leaving Wednesday night, having Missionary Leadership Council on Thursday and then Thursday night I get on a train and head off to Moldova! I can’t believe that the next time I write, I will be in another country.
I miss you, I love you, and I think of you all the time! Hope you have a great week and know that I am happy, safe, and just loving my life.
Love always,
Sora Amy
Our district on our last Sunday together
Florica! My Romanian mom.
Our English class on the last day.

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