Another trilingual week here in Moldova

​Another week here in Moldova and I think I’m finally starting to get used to it! Sure, it is still hard when you can’t really understand about half the people, but usually people can at least understand Romanian even if they can’t respond. Sora Uhl and I had the Russian elders teach us how to say “We teach a free English class” in Russian so our trilingual transformation is already beginning! We have a goal of being able to read the alphabet and pray in Russian by the end of the transfer. 
This week we had zone training meeting with all the missionaries in Moldova and President Ivory. It was a really great inspiring meeting — we talked a lot about being bold and positive, two things I love! President has such a huge vision for the work here in Moldova — he kept talking about how he thinks we are right at a tipping point and that the work is ready to explode here! He also said he cannot afford to have one missionary here that is not at 100% so it puts a pretty big responsibility on our shoulders, but I am excited regardless.

Self-timer photo (don’t mind the table and hymn book in the foreground) of our zone!
Sora Uhl and I had two lessons with our investigator, Victoria. She is a really great girl, but she frustratingly does NOT like committing to things. Or she commits to them and backs out. She has had all the lessons with the missionaries but will not even begin thinking about baptism. We explained to her all the blessings that can come to her and how much we want this happiness for her, but she is still waiting for some sort of sign. I worry that if she waits for some big sign, she’ll be waiting for a while. She also promised that she would come to church on Sunday but again, she didn’t show up. It can be frustrating, but we just gotta keep loving her. I think with enough time and if we keep creating an environment where she can feel the Spirit, it will come eventually. She already lives in accord with so many of the principles of the Gospel…it’s just a matter of time.

​Moldova sister selfie — Sora Uhl, me, Sora Bynum, and Sora Schwab

This week, Sora Uhl and I did a lot of contacting. Last Monday, in the evening, we did soccer contacting! We went with the elders to a local soccer field near our apartment and played with the people who normally show up. Somehow, I ended up on a team with 5 Moldovan men all between the ages of 20-25. I think they thought I was pretty lame until I hit it hard on the defense and then they were all cheering for me haha. So now I have a cool gang of friends and we invited everyone to English classes. Also, one time when we were in the park contacting, these girls were walking around giving everyone free cans of Coke…which is pretty much a dream-come-true for me haha. We took a break on a bench, drank our free Coke, and then headed on our way! This past week has been OUTRAGEOUSLY hot — like in the 90s all day, every day. Yet we are still troopers and make our way out to talk to people. They probably think we’re all crazy, being outside all day and perhaps we are. But we gotta do what we can!
We also had the chance to meet with Sora Berdeu, this amazing member who is less-active only because of a physical disability. It was great to meet with her and hear about her conversion to the Gospel. I am excited to keep working with her and just bringing her positive gospel messages, especially for the weeks she can’t make it to church.
We have started the process for getting a Moldovan visa — it doesn’t guarantee that I will stay here for longer, but it at least gives President the flexibility to keep us here if he feels like we need to stay here. I am excited at the prospect of staying here longer than just 2 transfers — hopefully I stay here for a good long while! 
I love it here in Chisinau, more and more each day. I love the people, I love my companion, and I am so excited to see things pick up even more. Know that I miss you and love you every day. Hope you had great weeks and know that I am thinking of you always.
Much love,
Sora Amy

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