Buc and back

Another super long week. Looking back, it feels like 2 or 3 weeks all rolled into one. On Monday night, Sora Uhl got sick but I wasn’t even aware because I have this inconvenient thing where I sleep through EVERYTHING. So I didn’t know anything was wrong until I woke up on Tuesday and found her sleeping out on the couch. So I spent most of Tuesday playing “mom” for her until the Orhei sisters came down. Sora Schwab and I got on the night train to București while Sora Bynum stayed and took care of my dear companion. Sora Schwab needed to pick up her Romanian visa which she had not done yet and I needed to go down to apply for mine. It was funny — once we got into the office, the first thing the office elders and assistants tell us is, “Okay, we’re splitting you up.” Sora Schwab and I looked at each other like, “WHAAAT?!” The assistants took Sora Schwab to go pick up the visa and the office elders took me to go get a health check (the same one I needed when I first came into the country). We were thankfully reunited back at the mission office and then we went back to the visa office to wait in a different line so that I could apply for my visa. The office elders had little hope that they would be able to get the visa for me since I was applying for a renewal and they had never done the process before — they brought all the papers for applying for a visa for the first time. It was a little bit stressful since I only had until the next day to apply for the visa legally. They got rejected two different times for different reasons — not having the right fees paid and not having some sort of Romanian public health insurance — but the lady at the window provided us with the knowledge that I would receive 90 days to be in Romania after my current visa expired. The only condition was that I could not be in the country on the day it expires. So basically I found out my transfer plans before I was supposed to, knowing that I would be staying in Moldova because I legally need to! So pretty much nothing got resolved on my trip down and I will apply for my visa later in October after the current one expires and I will just apply as if I were a new missionary and all should be well!


​Guess who found ROOT BEER in Buc?! That’s right, we did. Tasted like America.

Sora Schwab and I spent our whole time in Buc trying to milk the office elders and assistants for information about transfers since they already knew at that point. They weren’t letting ANYTHING loose — kudos to them for that. We got some McDonald’s and Subway before leaving on the night train again. It is always a little brutal to do the 14 hours down, 13 hours in Buc, and the 14 hours back up all in a row. But you get to know whoever you are traveling with very well, so that’s always a plus.

On Thursday, I was reunited finally with Sora Uhl and we had our last district meeting! We have such a fun district and I am sad that we won’t all be staying together. Regardless, the COOLEST thing that happened this week was meeting with Olea. On Thursday, after district meeting, we went with the elders over to Anatol and Olea’s house. While there, we finalized with them that they will both be baptized this Saturday!! They are just so excited and we are excited for them too! On Friday, Sora Uhl and I came over and taught Olea one-on-one instead of with the whole family and we are kicking it into high-gear to make sure she is all prepped and ready come Saturday! She has the testimony and she learned everything years ago when she first met with missionaries, so it is more of a matter of bringing things back to her rememberance and going over any questions that she has. The whole family came to church on Sunday — they look like they already belong there.


​Our district: Elder Daland, Elder Newbern, Elder Armitstead, Elder Hammer, Elder Flanders, Elder Kneib, Elder Danielson, Elder Lex, me, Sora Uhl, Sora Flanders, and Sora Kneib

Saturday was our last English class and we did a spiritual thought all together at the end. We did the spiritual thought where someone has to do push-ups for each person to receive a treat. They still have to do the push-ups even if the person doesn’t want the treat and no other person can do the push-ups. We used it as an object lesson for the Atonement: even if we don’t want what Christ has offered us, He still did all of this for us. Elder Armitstead was our push-upper and all the students reacted really well to it. Afterward, we had a bit of a party with the students and they could eat treats without the guilt of Elder Armitstead having to do push-ups for them. And then came TRANSFER BOARDS! I am still here in Chișinău and most of the district is the same except for a couple changes, the biggest one being that Sora Uhl is leaving me 😦 😦 She will be going to Bacău to serve with Sora Ruiz (again!) and I will be getting Sora Gibson in her place. She is going into her third transfer — I remember meeting her on her first day in the country, but not much else. But from what I remember, she is awesome! So I am excited. Elder Danielson is going to Bălți, another city in Moldova, and Elder Streletskii will be in his place. Then the craziest part of all — we will have two MORE sisters in Chișinău! Sora Bischoff and Sora Allen (who I had an exchange with in Timișoara last transfer) will be coming up as well! President really is putting all he can into Moldova right now and it is really exciting to be a part of it.

It is hard to watch Sora Uhl go and to watch her have to say goodbye to all the members and investigators, but I know that she is needed there in Bacău now and there are people there for her to help. We will be spending P-Day today at the church with the elders making pizza! Also a couple of them are letting me cut their hair (…I’ve never cut boy’s hair before so I don’t know where all of this trust and faith is coming from) and then we will probably be off to Olea and Anatol’s house to continue teaching them, maybe even having Family Home Evening with them! We’re also running last minute errands to make sure Sora Uhl has all of the Moldova things she wants to take with her.

I am so happy and excited to be here and to see Anatol and Olea baptized this week! I miss you all a lot and I think about you often, but the time is coming soon when I will get to see you again! Hope you have a great week and know that I love you so much!

Cu drag,
Sora Amy


​Just a Coke bottle talking to me…casual.

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