Olea and Anatol!


SUCH A HAPPY WEEK!!! This week’s big event of course was the baptism of Olea and Anatol this Saturday and they were then confirmed on Sunday. Everything went so well! We kicked it into high gear and ended up teaching ALL of the lessons before her baptismal interview on Thursday night which was a miracle in itself. It was so amazing to see her ardent faith. We would teach a principle, like keeping the Word of Wisdom, and she would bring up questions or concerns she had and we would discuss them. Then we would ask her, “So…are you willing to keep the Word of Wisdom?” and she looks at me with a shocked face and goes, “Of COURSE!” like it was just common sense. I have never taught anyone with such unwavering faith and pure desire. At the baptismal service, we missionaries sang the EFY medley of As Sisters in Zion and We’ll Bring the World His Truth…in Romanian! And it didn’t sound half bad if I do say so myself! After the talks (which Elders Lex and Newbern gave), the actual ordinance was performed. Both Anatol and Olea were crying when they came up out of the water and you could tell what a huge step this was for them. They both bore their testimonies and the Spirit was SO strong. I know they will make great leaders in the Church and I am so blessed that I was able to spend this time helping them, teaching them, and becoming their friends.

​Our last day together…we got honked at while we made these faces…guess Moldovans find different things beautiful than the usual.
Other big news is that transfers happened. I had to say goodbye to Sora Uhl on Tuesday 😦 She went down on the train and I spent Tuesday night and all of Wednesday with Sora Bynum, one of the Orhei sisters. We had family home evening with the elders at Olea and Anatol’s on Tuesday night and played lots of fun games with them and the kids. On Thursday morning, our new companions arrived and we greeted them at the train station with signs and hazelnut Snicker bars! My new companion is Sora Gibson from Las Vegas. She is 19, has done a year BYU-I, and is AMAZING! She is so funny and we are weirdly similar — even down to the fact that she was in marching band in high school and her band director changed her junior year from someone she liked to someone she wasn’t too fond of. When she told me that story I was like, “SORA. STOP IT. THIS IS LITERALLY MY LIFE.” She is so bold and excited for the work here and I am so excited to be working with her. We have two more sisters here now, Sora Bischoff and Sora Allen. Last night, we had “Sora Sunday Supper” and all ate dinner together at our apartment! It is so fun to have more sisters around to be friends with and to have as a support in the work.
​Elders Newbern and Lex, Laurenzio, Anatol, Olea, President and Sister Covali with their daughter, me, and Sora Gibson!
This past Sunday, I played a special musical number in Church and one of the members, Fratele Kabak, who only speaks Russian tried to come up and thank me for the number. He went off and said a lot and I turned to Olea who was with me and asked what he said. She said he said that he didn’t know he could feel those sorts of feelings of amazement and wonder and he thanked me profusely for my playing. Who knew?? He is one of my favorite members, even though I literally cannot communicate with him at all. He is still the nicest and sweetest man. Sora Gibson and I have already set up a lot of member and less-active visits for the week which I am excited about and we are looking to do a lot of contacting as well to find new investigators. I am just so energized and excited for the work here in Chișinău. We are having zone conference this week with President Ivory and a visiting General Authority and then we are having district conference on Sunday at church. This should be an exciting and fulfilling week!
I am loving life and having such a great time here. I know that I am being guided in this work and I look forward to all the miracles that will happen. I miss you all a lot and love you even more. I hope you have a great week and know that I am thinking of you always.
Sora Amy

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