Peanut Butter Passion

Such a great week! This week we started out by going bowling last P-Day after internet time. I bowled a 102! I beat almost the whole district which was pretty unexpected haha. But we think the lane may have been tilted…who knows? I will take my victories where I can.

unnamedSora Gibson and I got our Russian nametags! сестра Брей at your service!

This week has been a little weird because I was feeling pretty sick on Tuesday and then Sora Gibson was really sick on Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday, I felt so sick that I almost threw up in some flowerbeds outside of our apartment cause I just couldn’t quite make it up to our apartment…but after a quick nap and some medicine, I was feeling much better and we were out and about. We were able to meet with Victoria this week! She was excited to meet Sora Gibson for the first time and we had a really great lesson. We invited her really boldly to come to church and it looked like she totally was interested. She was very enthusiastic about it and then even on Saturday night she texted us asking what time church was. But then on Sunday morning, we got a text saying that she was too busy 😦 She just has a lot of trouble sticking to her decision to come to church and it is driving me crazy!! It is hard to help someone when they aren’t willing to progress or put forth any action, but we will keep trying and we aren’t giving up hope yet.

We were able to meet with some members this week as well, including Sora Berdeu and Tania. With Sora Berdeu, we shared a message from last conference, Elder Richard G. Scott’s talk about being a good example when sharing the Gospel with members of our families and letting them make the decision for themselves. She told us about how she was asked to give a talk at district conference on that Sunday and had prayed for help in what to speak about…and then we gave her that lesson which was exactly what she had wanted to talk about! She thanked us so much and the Spirit was so strong as we talked. She is such a sweetheart and I am so glad I have the opportunity to work with her and be strengthened by her testimony. Tania is an amazing member as well. She has had a lot of difficult trials in her life that would probably make any other person renounce the church, but she has held on strongly to her testimony and she is also just such a sweet person. I loved getting to get to know her better and to share a spiritual thought with her.

On Thursday, Elder Robert Gay was visiting and President Ivory also came in town and we had zone conference. Not only all the Moldovan missionaries but also missionaries from the eastern half of Romania came and it was so fun to see so many people I hadn’t seen in a while! It was a GREAT conference — so spiritually fulfilling. Elder Gay talked about how there is no “silver bullet,” no one thing that every mission can do to improve and to succeed. He talked about there being a revelatory path to do this revelatory work and we need to include the Lord in our work so that He can guide us to do the work in His way. After he spoke, President Ivory had us all leave the church and go find a place with our companion where we could pray together to find that revelatory path for our companionship in our respective cities. Sora Gibson and I picked a place up on a hill in a park near the church and prayed together. Afterward, we waited for impressions that came to us and then shared them with each other. We felt so strongly that our district needs to fast together to be more unified and to be able to find the ways in which we can help Chișinău the most. We are excited to find this revelatory path that the Lord has prepared for us to help in His hastening of the work.

unnamed (1)Taking an awkward picture with Elder Brown and Elder Montoya — Brașov reunion in Chișinău! (minus Sora Drotar who is already home)

On Friday, Sora Gibson and I did some contacting and met a couple really great people, but none that were interested in meeting (one was a woman who was on vacation from Israel and the other lived outside of Chișinău.) We are really motivated to try and find new investigators and we have a sure faith that they are out there and we just need to find them! Then on Saturday was when Sora Gibson was sick and we spent basically all weekend inside. She was just SUPER congested and achey — not good. We got to talk a LOT to each other so that was good 🙂 I always love getting to know my companions better and Sora Gibson is so fun so it was a good time even if we had to stay inside. This week’s title came from one of our conversations when we talked about how much we LOVE peanut butter…I’m not entirely sure why we found it so funny, but now we just mutter “peanut butter passion” under our breaths and end up cracking up hahaha. On Sunday, we did an exchange with the other sisters because we thought Victoria would be coming to church and we wanted at least one of us to be there to sit by her, so Sora Bischoff and I went to church together while Sora Allen took care of my dear companion. We went early to Olea’s house to ride over with her and her sons. It is always a pleasure to be with her — we are excited to keep teaching her the recent convert lessons for these next weeks. Church was great! It was the Chișinău district conference, and we had 107 people there all jammed into our little chapel! Members from all over Moldova came and President and Sora Ivory were there as well to speak. The theme of the whole conference was families and how to make them stronger. Sora Berdeu’s talk went really well and it was fun to talk with lots of the members afterward.

Today is Sora Bischoff’s birthday so we went as a district on a little nature hike! Afterward, we went to McDonald’s (where “22” by Taylor Swift played over the speakers…and it’s her 22nd birthday!) We ate some cake in the park and now are all here at internet together.

I am so glad to be here and I cannot believe that I will be hitting my 5 months left mark this upcoming week. WEIRD! But know that I miss you and love you so much. I could not be happier unless I magically transported you all here, so I’ll settle for this for the current time. I love you and hope you all have amazing weeks!!

Love always,
Sora Amy

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