Muskrat contacting

IMG_2214We had a great week here in Chişinău! We started our English classes and we had a CRAZY amount of people come…probably about 100 people showed up for the first day between the four classes we have. We had everyone come together in the chapel for the first 10 minutes so we explain how the classes work and it was standing room only in there! Sora Gibson and I taught the beginner class and we had probably about 50 students! It was pretty difficult cause everyone was at different levels — some from absolute zero, others knowing how to introduce themselves and basic words. On Saturday we probably had about 20-25 students which was much more manageable. We have some great students who are just the nicest and we kept running into a lot of them on Saturday around town so it was fun to get to talk to them like normal people too (instead of just in our “teacher” mode).

We have still been meeting with Olea and going over the lessons again and going more in-depth with all of the doctrine. We have been talking a lot about agency and the Council in Heaven — how agency is so pivotal in God’s plan for us and how we know we chose correctly because we are here on Earth now. She loved that idea of agency and that she has made correct decisions before and is continuing to even now. We had a funny moment where we were with her as she was making food and she put on a song on her phone that was Romanian. The next song that came on was “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Of COURSE, Sora Gibson and I start singing along and Olea and Anatol both started cracking up. It is so fun to get to be somewhat normal from time to time and just sing along to the songs you knew from home.

This week I went on an exchange with Sora Allen who is just awesome! I exchanged with her two transfers ago in Timişoara, so it was fun to work with her again now in her third transfer. I actually realized that I had picked the worst day though because we were fasting as a district that night so we weren’t even able to eat a ton of junk food together (the best part of exchanges). But we were able to have a lesson with Olea and do some contacting which is always good.

Some stories from this week:

-Sora Gibson and I were at Oky Doky, a shop here in run by an Moldovan woman and her American husband, Anastasia and Roy, where they sell American food, even Dr. Pepper! Roy and Anastasia know the missionaries and we always stop by for some burritos and hot chocolate at least once a week. While we were there this time, we met Joey, an American who runs a hostel here. At one point he asks us, “…Do you guys like animals? Cause I have a muskrat and lots of animals if you guys want to come see!” So we walked on over to his hostel and met Superfreak, his muskrat, four kittens, a guinea pig, and a little baby turtle. We talked to Joey a little bit about the Gospel which was very weird to do in English. We are hoping to stop by and have other missionaries meet him and his animals some time this week!

IMG_2210Superfreak, the muskrat​

IMG_2212Sora Gibson and the baby turtle

-General Conference! We tried to go general conference contacting right before and were able to talk to some really great people but we also unfortunately had to compete with National Moldovan Wine Day. The entire center of the city was a big fair with booths with all the wines from all over the country. So we made a rule while we were contacting that we couldn’t talk to anyone with a glass, bottle, or glazed-over eyes. We still got some weird conversations and it’s pretty hard to get people to leave Wine Day to come listen to religious speakers for two hours. But we met a couple really great and promising people. And it was so awesome, our investigator Victoria came to one of the sessions of general conference! We watched with her in English and watched all the other sessions in Romanian. I was happy that I was able to pick up a LOT of it unless the translator went crazy fast.

I don’t have much time left, but I will try to update more next week. I love you and miss you all so much. I think about you lots and I love the opportunity that I had to watch General Conference at the same time as you, far far across the continents. I love you and hope you have an amazing week!

Cu drag,
Sora Amy

This week, Sora Gibson and I were a little stressed, so we wrote down all of our problems on index cards and then BURNED them! True, it didn’t solve all the problems, but we felt better afterwards haha.IMG_2225

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