Why are the hippos eating their own meat?!

Great week!! We started last week on Monday after Institute in the evening by going over to Olea and Anatol’s house. They wanted to say goodbye to Elders Newbern and Armitstead and we had hot dogs (admittedly, it was Moldovan style) to make them feel more at home haha. It was so fun and so sweet to see the love they had for those two elders. It made me really sad, thinking about the time, whenever that may come, when I have to leave Chișinău and leave behind Olea. I’m like 99% sure I’ll probably end up bawling, but I don’t have to worry about that until the time comes haha. On Tuesday, we said goodbye to the elders leaving and also had a lesson with Sora Berdeu. We had family night after leaving the train station and it was weird to be without 4 of the elders…we were so used to having such a huge district. But life goes on.

IMG_2320​Bye Elder Newbern!!

IMG_2322Bye Elder Armitstead!!

We were only able to meet with Diana twice this week, but when we met the second time, she talked about how much she really missed being at the church and meeting with us so she has decided she definitely needs to meet with us more often! 🙂 We had a lesson with her about the plan of salvation and she was just so excited to hear about it and she understood it really well. It is also awesome that we have been having Sevghi be a member-present in her lessons because Sevghi has also just become a very good friend to Diana. It is amazing to watch it happen and I love how much Diana has just immersed herself in the branch.

This week, we started with our new district and greeted in Elder Boydstun! On Friday, after district meeting, we hiked up to the place where Moldova was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel by Elder M. Russell Ballard. We read the prayer in the same spot, a beautiful peak overlooking all the city. It is beautiful to hear the promises made to the people of Moldova and it gives me further hope for the work here. Notably, we got lost while trying to find the spot and ended up going on a 20-minute detour, traipsing through the woods in our proselyting clothes haha. It was a fun adventure, that is for sure. Afterwards, the Flanders had us over for Nutella crepes…mmmm so good! Sora Gibson and I had to eat and run so we could make it to the church for a lesson with Tatiana. Tatiana is a former investigator that I had met with twice with Sora Uhl but then she kind of fell off the face of the earth for a while. She randomly called us last week and so we have started meeting with her again. She has been reading in the Book of Mormon and we had a great lesson about the plan of salvation that she said made a lot of sense to her. We are excited to keep meeting with her and hope that things continue to go well and that she will progress.

DSCN2164The district where Moldova was dedicated: Elder Lex, Elder Boydstun, Sora Gibson, Sora Bischoff, me, Sora Allen, and Sora Flanders

Friday was also HALLOWEEN! We had Sports Night that night (like we do every Friday night), so Sora Gibson and I planned lots of “Minute to Win It” games that the youth would have to do to win candy (instead of just handing out candy for trick or treating). We also had karaoke afterwards…kind of hard when you don’t know Russian, but I sang Taylor Swift with Nina, one of the members, so that went well as expected haha.

On Saturday, we had a BIG activity with the Moldovan YSA. President Iachimov from București came and gave a really great presentation on the Book of Mormon and Victoria, one of our investigators, came and even brought a friend of hers! So that was cool. The presentation was great and then we went out with the members to try and find the less-active YSA members. Olea took me and Sora Gibson and after getting pretty lost and not being able to find the right bloc, we finally found it only to be told that the member we were looking for no longer lived there. Rough, but we are pretty used to that haha. We came back, ate lunch, and played Jeopardy! It was fun to see all the YSA of Moldova just having fun together. I can imagine it being SUPER hard to live in a country where there are only 300 members…I am sure you grow really close with all those around you, so it’s fun to see them all bonded together.

IMG_2341Saying bye to Elder Lungu — a missionary who has been in our district this past transfer who is from Orhei and has been waiting for his visa to come through so that he can go the MTC in the States and then off to his mission in AUSTRALIA!! He left this morning on the plane and we could not be more excited for him!! Also, you can see Elder Streletskii and Elder Lex making a couple nice photobombs there in the back.

I love it so much here and I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. Tomorrow is my FOURTEEN month mark…can you believe it?! I miss you lots and hope you will have a great week.

Lots of love,
Sora Amy

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