Worshipping a Fourth Watch God

What a great week it has been!! We have been having lots of lessons with Diana who will be baptized this Saturday! She will be baptized the same day as another Diana who the Russian elders have been teaching for the past couple months. I am so absolutely excited for both of them and for Chișinău in general. The zone leaders have two more baptismal dates for the upcoming month — the work is really going great here. It is fun to see Diana progress and gain a testimony of each principle we teach. Her prayers are so honest and sincere and I can see her faith grow each time we meet.

We had a chance on Tuesday to visit Sora Berdeu and she asked us to write a message for her in English that she could send lots of returned missionaries on Facebook. Turns out yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the first 5 baptisms here in Moldova. She showed us lots of pictures she has of the branch from the very beginning — she seems to be something of an unofficial branch historian. She had made slideshows set to music and seeing all the members looking so young and being at the temple or in the chapel or getting married or whatever the situation was…it almost brought me to tears. I love the people of Moldova so much and I am so honored that I get to be here and be a part of their lives, even if only for a couple of months.

This week I picked up my green card here for Moldova so I am legal in at least ONE country!! 🙂 I won’t be able to go to the mission conference this week in Iași or the MLC that will be later in the week, but I do get to do something crazy and spend the whole day on Wednesday at the branch president’s house. We have a visiting member of the area presidency so President Ivory wants as many missionaries there as possible…so the branch president’s wife, Sora Covali, will be my companion for the day! They are so nice to take me in for an entire day and I am so glad Sora Gibson will get to go to the conference!

IMG_2354Drinking some Coke on the exchange!

I had my THIRD STL exchange with Sora Allen this week. This is her fourth transfer, so almost every transfer I have been her STL — we are hoping that I somehow get to go on exchanges with her for the rest of my mission haha. But we had the best day that seemed so calm, peaceful, and yet full of work. I love working with Sora Allen and we had a great day with a member visit, a follow-up with a potential investigator Grigore who is just the nicest man with sincere questions about the Book of Mormon, and some English contacting. We made homemade tortillas with spaghetti inside for dinner — carbs on carbs on carbs! And after that we headed over to the hospital to visit a member who has been having back problems. We met up with the other sisters and all visited for about 45 minutes. The woman in the bed next to the member wanted me to come sit on her bed so I did and she immediately grabs my hand, holds it lovingly, and starts asking me a million questions. I think she wants me to marry her son living in Ireland right now (she even had us talk on the phone to him and gave us his phone number), so I guess I got some prospects if I ever wanted to marry a Moldovan. We switched back companions after that and made our way back home.

I don’t have much else to update on, but I can’t wait to send over some baptismal pictures next week!! I miss you all lots and I love you even more. I love my time here in Moldova and I can’t believe I will be leaving in just a few months. I hope you all have great weeks and know that I am always thinking of you!

Cu drag,
Sora Amy

P.S. The title of the email comes from a talk Sora Allen shared with me. It was SO GOOD and exactly what I needed! You can find it here: https://devotional.byuh.edu/files/Devo/S_Michael_Wilcox.pdf

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