Attack the New Year!

I don’t have too much time to write, so here are some of the highlights from the week!


-Christmas! On Christmas Eve, we got permission for all of the Moldovan sisters to stay at our apartment so we all had a fun sleepover together! We did a gift exchange so we didn’t all have to buy 5 presents, so I gave Sora Bird a sweatshirt with an American flag on it (she’s a diehard America fan) and Sora Allen got me a book of Romanian poems and dog socks! She knows me too well 🙂 After that, we all went to the Flanders’ apartment to have a big Christmas feast. You better believe the cream corn was there, and it was GREAT! After our meal, we watched The Book Thief which was great, but kind of intense at a lot of points. Mostly it made me sad about the inhumanity of people and it just kind of depressed me in that way, but it was beautifully done and I can’t wait to read the book when I get home. We hung out a little bit with some of the youth that came over after that and then we went to the internet cafe to Skype home! It was so fun to see you and to talk to you and I can’t believe it is only a couple months until I see you here!

-Christmas Eve! Sora Gibson and I spent a while in the morning making sugar cookies for lots of members and less-actives but things were getting stressful. The frosting wouldn’t harden, the plastic wrap was ruining everything, the cookies were getting smushed, the buses were full and super late, and it seemed like everything was going wrong. We ended up getting to Sora Berdeu’s house an hour late and as soon as we walked in and apologized, we were crying. She looks at us and goes, “What’s wrong??! What happened??” And we tried to explain that nothing was wrong, we were just really really stressed and overwhelmed. She calmed us down and ended up just supporting us and letting us know how much we have helped her, especially with this branch split. She made us some gingerbread and sugar cookies and even left us each with a bag to take home and to open on Christmas day. She is the sweetest and the visit at her house helped us continue on with our day. We also visited Sora Covali, Eugenia, and Olea. It was a busy busy day with lots of running around, but it was great.

IMG_2475​Snow this morning!! Looking windswept

-Zone Conference! We had our Christmas zone conference on Saturday and it was so good to see President and Sora Ivory. It is weird…in President Hill’s time, any missionaries going home before the next zone conference would bear their “dying” testimony and if we still did that, I would have born mine then. President made a couple references to the fact that I would be leaving soon and it still hasn’t quite hit me yet. I think I am in the blissfully ignorant stage of denial and I am going to hold onto it as much as I can. But in my interview with President, he thanked me for being a leader and a great example in this mission. It made me tear up…most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m doing anything substantial, just going about doing my work quietly, but to know that it is acknowledged and appreciated really means a lot. He said that I will leave a legacy in this mission because of all the sisters I have influenced for the good. It was a really sweet and tender moment for me. I loved the conference in general and I always love hearing from the Ivorys.

IMG_2467Celebrating our 100-day anniversary on the 26th! All 9 of us have been in Chișinău/Orhei for the past 100 days together, if not more in the case of me, Elder Hammer, and Elder Daland

There is so much more that happened this week, but now that we are encouraged to only take an hour for emailing, I will have to be more succinct these last weeks. Sorry! But know that I love you and I am so glad to be here. I miss you lots and I can’t wait to see you again, but until then I will be working as hard as I can. I love you always! Hope you have a happy new year!!

Love always,
Sora Amy

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