Dă-mi acest munte de urcat, oferă-mi aceste provocări

Well, one of my very last emails home! I will get to email next week, but by this time next week, I will be on a train over to Buc. CRAZY. It still has not sunk in quite yet and I think all the hustle and bustle of this past week and the upcoming week will keep me going.

This week unfortunately we had a lot of people cancel lessons on us, but we still we able to meet with quite a few people so it was great. We also got Sora Barrera’s Moldovan visa papers in so in about a month, she will be good to stay for a long time to take over my post! We met this week with Irina, one of our new investigators, and she came to us with even MORE questions than the first time. We were able to talk about the entire Restoration, which was good, and we can tell that she truly does want to find the truth. We invited her to go home and read from the Book of Mormon and pray about what we said and she said, “OF COURSE I’m gonna go do that!” So we are pretty excited about her. She is just the most energetic person, I love it!!

We also met with Diana, the newer investigator, and recapped with her about the Restoration by watching a video. She loved it and wanted to take home a copy of the DVD so she could watch it anytime she wanted haha. She is really sweet and sincere and you can tell she just has this desire to learn about these things. She came to church on Sunday, all dressed up in a dress and heels! She stayed for the whole time and participated in Gospel Principles and Relief Society, answering questions and everything! 🙂 She seems to be a really great progressing investigator and I’m excited to see where things go.

IMG_2604​With Diana after church

We had exchanges this week and I went with Sora Elliott — I feel so blessed to be her first STL! She is literally just the sweetest and cutest person. We unfortunately had to do a lot of chores like dropping off bills and picking up things, but we still had a great day and I loved getting to know her better!

We met with Diana a couple times this week and she had her baptismal interview today! Elder Bateman comes out and says, “I think she has a better understanding of the gospel than I do…” haha. So it all went well! This week is a lot of preparation (the program, cleaning the font, etc), so we are super busy. Plus we have zone conference on Wednesday and the Bacău sisters are staying with us so I get to see Sora Merkley!!!!! WOO! It will be fun to have time to talk together and reflect on the crazy 18 months we just lived.

This week we also had a fun evening with Sora Berdeu, Natalia and her daughter Palina, and Sora Berdeu’s family! We ate traditional Russian treats and played some Phase 10 🙂 We had to leave before all the phases were over, but I was winning by the time we left haha. I love these people so much and I am so glad that I have been able to become not only the missionary they rely on, but the friend they love.

IMG_2603​Self-timer always wins

Well, not much else to say, but know that I can’t wait to see you soon! Until then, I will be working hard and having a great week too 🙂

Love always,
Sora Amy


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